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Development of ventricular and outflow tract separation

Ventricular Septation is done by 2 separate components - superior membranous and inferior muscular septum
Muscular Septum
It is a growth of inferior wall
It is produced due to the fusion of 3 components - right and left bulbar ridges and dorsal endocardial cushion.
Membranous Septum
This is situated above the muscular septum, fusion is continuous with septation of the outflow tract
Outflow Tract Septation
In early stages of development, outflow tract is a single tube called as bulbus cordis.
Bulbus cordis elongates to form proximal conus arteriosus and distal truncus arteriosus.
Two growths from wall in spiral pattern, inferior upwards - separate tract into 2 channels.
The mesenchyme and neural crest contribute to outflow septation process.
The fusion of outgrowths separate aortic and pulmonary outflow.