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Describe the pulse in complete heart block (CHB)

In complete heartblock the following chanes are observed
  1. Pulse rate— 36 to 40 per minute and is called as bradycardia
  2. Rhythm—Regular.
  3. Volume—High.
  4. Condition of the arterial wall-may be thickened (in  patients with advanced age),
  5. No radio-radial nor any radio-femoral delay.
  6. Character of the pulse may be water-hammer character.
  7. All the peripheral pulses are palpable.
  8. Fixed pulse is seen that is unaltered after exercise ,pyrexia or injection of atropine
  9. In CHB carotid artery may show carotid dance at the rate of 36-40 per minute, and internal jugular vein showing atrial pulsation at a rate of 72 per minute with cannon waves appearing from time to time.