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Basic anatomy of Cerebellum

Calles as small brain.
It lies in posterior cranial fossa.
Weight of cerebellum is 150 gm in adults.
It is 1/10 size of cerebrum.
Cerebellar cortex is  1/5 of size of cerebral cortex.
Lies behind pons and medulla and separated from cerebrum by tentorium cerebelli.

Subdivisions of cerebellum
Cerebellum is divided into midline vermis and lateral hemispheres.
It has superior and inferior surfaces.
On inferior surface, hemispheres are separated by vallecula.
Vermis and hemispheres are separated by a paramedian sulcus.
Anteriorly and posteriorly the hemispheres extend beyond the vermis and separated by anterior and posterior cerebellar notches.

Archicerebellum (oldest part of cerebellum)
Contains predominantly vestibular connections and concerned with body equilibrium.
Paleocerebellum (older part of cerebellum)
Connected to the spinal cord – It is concerned with maintenance of muscle tone and finer control of movements
Neocerebellum (new part of cerebellum)
Neocerebellum is connected with cerebral cortex thru’ pontine nuclei and concerned with fine coordination of voluntary movements.