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What is febrile convulsion ?

Young children often develop seizures during the febrile illness and these are short, generalised tonic clonic convulsions.

The characteristics features of febrile convulsions are
  • Affects 2-5% of the population of young children.
  • Age range of children is between 6 months to 5 years.
  • Often there is a positive family history of febrile convulsion.
  • Convulsions are not related to the degree of rise of temperature as they may occur even with moderate fever.
  • Seizures may last for less than 5 minutes and this is generalised.
  • It is not associaled with interictal EEG abnormalities or any neurologic deficit.
Management of febrile convulsion
  • Management is done by tepid sponge bathing 
  • Antipyretics 
  • Diazepam (0.2-0.5 mg/kg. I.V).
Predictive factors for recurrence of febrile seizure are the following
  • Young age of onset
  • Low fever
  • Family H/O febrile convulsion 
  • Short duration of fever before convulsion.