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What is the cause of radioradial and radiofemoral delay?

Normal situation radial and femoral pulsations are felt equally and synchronously.The inequality between two radial pulses is known as Radio radial delay.The delay between the radial pulse and femoral pulse is called as Radiofemoral delay.

Radio radial delay
To detect the radioradial delay you should simultaneously palpate both the radial arteries by both your hands, using  your left hand for  patients right radial artery and vice versa

Following are the  causes of radio-radial delay 
What is radiofemoral delay and what are its causes?
To detect the  radio-femoral delay, you should palpate the radial and femoral artery simultaneously Normally there is no radio-femoral delay .
Delay of the femoral compared with the right radial pulse is found in coarctation of the aorta
Causes of radio-femoral delay are the following
  • Coarctation ol aorta (It is an important bedside diagnostic clue in a young hypertensive).
  • Atherosclerosis of aorta.
  • Thrombosis or embolism of aorta.
  • Aortoarteritis.

Time at which pulse wave arrives after cardiac systole in artery
Carotid =30 Milliseconds
Brachial =60 Milliseconds
Femoral =75 Milliseconds
Radial  =80 Milliseconds