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What are the functions of the Skin ?

  • Protection:Skin provide protection from  Physical, Chemical, Infections agents
  • Thermoregulation: Blood vessels and Eccrine sweat glands are involved in thermoregulation
  • Homeostasis of water, electrolytes and protein
  • Lubrication and waterproofing: Sebum secreted by sebaceous glands
  • Sensations - specialized nerve endings act as sensory organs
  • Immunological: Lymphocytes, macrophages, Langerhans cells are involved in immunity
  • Synthesis of vitamin D by keratinocyte
  • Body odour: Apocrine glands produce body odour
  • Protection and prising: Nails are involved in this function
  • Calorie reserve: Subcutaneous fat preserve body heat
  • Psychosocial: Cosmetic functions -skin, lips, hair, nails.