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What is Gaze evoked nystagmus?

Gaze holding helps to maintain eye in the eccentric eye position.

This is done with the help of the Pulse-step innervation

When the eye moves towards the corner and if the neural integrator is perfect the viscous drag is overcome by the pulse and made to stay in the extremes of gaze by the step.

And if the neural integrator is leaky eye moves and from there due to leaky potential it moves

towards the central.

What are the causes of Gaze evoked nystagmus ?

1. Due to leaky neural integrator

Lesion of Nucleus prepositus hypoglossi/ Medial Vestibular Nuclei

  • Horizontal gaze evoked nystagmus
  • Direction changing nystagmus
  • Fast component is the direction of fixation

Bilateral lesion of INC

  • Impaired vertical gaze holding

2. Lesions of vestibulo-cerebellum

What are the types of Gaze evoked nystagmus?

  • Symmetrical gaze evoked nystagmus

Anticonvulsants, particularly phenytoin and phenobarbitone, and ingestion of psychotropic drugs and alcohol.

  •          Asymmetrical gaze evoked nystagmus

Affecting the brain stem /flocculonodular lobe

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