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What are the History you should ask in Diplopia ?

Chief complaints of Diplopia

  1. Is the Diplopia Monocular vs Binocular?
  2. Is the Diplopia Horizontal, Vertical or Oblique?
  3. Directionality ?
    • Worst in a particular gaze??
    • Near vs distance vision
    • Is the Diplopia Constant vs Intermittent?
Medical History
  1. Trauma History
  2. Congenital or family History
  3. H/o Strabismus Surgery or Amblyopia
  4. Previous Cataract surgery
  5. Systemic diseases

    • Thyroid disease, Vascular disease
    • Cancer - s/p radiation

Trauma in early childhood strabismus may compensate for years later decompensate.

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