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Features of hepatocellular jaundice

Features of hepato cellular jaundice  are given below
  • There is yellowish discolouration of urine.
  • Stool is high coloured and become pale if there is obstruction due to cellular odema
  • Orange yellow tinge of bulbar conjunctiva
  • Anorexia ,nausea and vomiting is present before the appearance of jaundice
  • Tender hepatomegaly is frequent.
Causes of Hepatocellular jaundice
  • Viral hepatitis (type A and E commonly).
  • Drugs — Rifampicin. INH, after halothane anaesthesia.
  • Poisons - Copper sulphate.
  • Pregnancy — Acute fatty liver of pregnancy.
  • Alcoholic hepatitis.
  • Weil s disease.