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Clinical approach to DIPLOPIA (Binocular and Uniocular)


Detailed examination reveals no obvious extra ocular muscle weakness.

Diplopia is due to failure of fusion of images.

Types of diplopia : There are two types

  1. Binocular
  2. Uniocular


  1.     Diplopia that persists even when patient closes one eye.
  2.     Diplopia improves with pin-hole

What are the causes of Uniocular

  1. Ocular causes: Example : Refractive errors
  2. Occipital lobe lesions
  3. Functional cause


Patients with diplopia may not always have the issue of double vision.

What are the causes of  Binocular
  1. Diplopia is due failure of fusion of images.
  2. Normally fusion can occur only when the images fall on corresponding
  3. parts of the retina and when the images are similar.