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What is See-Saw Nystagmus?

What is See-Saw Nystagmus?

In see-saw nystagmus one eye moves up + intorts & other eye moves down +extorts

Torsional component is conjugate

Vertical component is dysconjugate

1. Wave form is pendular or jerk

What are the types of See-Saw Nystagmus?

Pendular see-saw nystagmus

Seen in

  1. Suprasellar lesion
  2. Visual loss
  3. Joubert's syndrome

Jerk see-saw nystagmus: (Hemi see-saw nystagmus)

Half cycle is pendular with corrective half cycle jerky

Seen in

  1. lesions of INC (caudal thalamus-rostral midbrain)

See-Saw Nystagmus Pathogenesis:


Unilateral inactivation of INC

Sparing of riMLF


  1. Bitemporal hemianopia.
  2. Visual loss-visuo-vestibular fibres
  3. Chiasmal miswiring